Sunday, January 28, 2007

hide the catbox

With the possibility of moving to a more expensive area, we're figuring the square footage in a new house will be significantly decreased.

So one thing we're likely to have to camouflage is the litter box (yuck!).

One day I found loads of links for ways to hide the litter box. Here they are:


Unknown said...

How are you going to get the cat down there?

suzannejb8 said...

well, either one or two cats will go down with me to the interim apartment. We'll fly, I expect. Since relocation packages are still TBD, I don't know whether we'd drive (moving truck) or fly, but I'd rather fly. I've driven on multiple days with cats. It's NOT pleasant to travel with a litter box.

suzannejb8 said...

latest news: I'll be taking the cat that Husband does NOT prefer this weekend I'm now moving into an apartment - YAY!). The current rules on travelling with pets (at least with AirTran) is that they HAVE to be in the cabin (seems like that would work only with small animals - 17 years ago I put a pet aboard a flight and it was going to be in a separate pressurized area of the plane). Carriers that are approved by airlines are available at the big pet stores (PetCo, PetSmart, etc).

suzannejb8 said...

I took the cat down by plane at that time. She pooped in her box as it was being place under the seat in front of me. It caused a great hubbub, with the person on the seat in front of me demanding to be moved to a seat as far away from that cat as possible. Note, I did clean up said mess, with help from the airline stewards.