Sunday, November 20, 2005

how to roll your r's

from Yahoo! Picks:

How do I replace the starter in my 1998 Tacoma? How do I properly care for my bonsai tools? What is corpsepaint, and how do I apply it? These are just a few of the questions answered at wikiHow, a collection of user-submitted manuals that currently offers over three thousand articles. In case you're wondering, a wiki is a web site that anyone can write or edit. As a result, popular wikis tend to gather a lot of information very quickly. Granted, some of these how-tos are more helpful than others ("How to Animate Clay" features the helpful instruction, "Begin animating your figure."), but it's a nifty idea that's quickly gaining traction. And even if you don't really want to know how to roll your r's or give a small dog a bath, wikiHows can make fun leisure reading. (in Reference)

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