Wednesday, March 30, 2005

diversity of opinion in the courtroom . . . or is it?

Several sites had news stories about a murder trial where the jury's decision to put the murder to death was dismissed because the court found that some jurors used the Bible verbage, "eye for an eye," in making their decision.'s post

I became reminded, however, that it was probably a mundane issue about not being allowed to consult external reference material while deliberating on a case.

I'm suspecting at this point that "media's at it again"; goin' and making something outta something. I guess I'm glad they were disqualified from making a judgement (whichever way that was). I'm more upset about the falsity in the media.

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Rev. Kimberly Rich said...

I think that "eye for an eye" has become a cultural thing. It has stepped out of the bounds of Christianity and into popular culture.

Love and Light