Friday, February 17, 2006

Pollution Information Site

A few months ago I visited Denver, CO. The sky was so clear it was amazing. Especially compared to my hometown, Rochester, NY, which can be compared to Great Britain in its sunniness (or lack thereof). Well, the whole time I had trouble breathing (fortunately it was a business trip where I could stay in the same hotel the whole time if I felt like it - I did get out, but not for strolls, that's for sure). Turns out, Denver was on code red for air pollution the whole time. I was amazed. Because it was so bright I guess I assumed that the air should be fine.

So, when I fell upon this article, I just HAD to look. Only thing is, I don't know the zipcode for Denver & most other places. So I recommend gathering the zipcode from an online mapping service, such as Yahoo! Maps, first.

Update: I looked up both Denver and Rochester. Apparently Rochester is in much worse shape. Perhaps I became alarmed just because there is an air quality report on the Denver news every day? There isn't one in Rochester. Maybe there should be.

from Utne Web Watch:

Scorecard: The Pollution Information Site
By Staff, Scorecard
Curious about what's going into your air and water? Just plug your Zip code into -- a website that identifies the major polluters in your neighborhood. The site also contains valuable information on chemicals, watersheds, superfund sites, and animal waste. -- Nick Rose

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