Sunday, February 19, 2006


from Yahoo! Picks:

This multi-contributor blog joyfully dabbles in "architectural conjecture, urban speculation, (and) landscape futures" above and below Earth's atmosphere. From electromagnetic "Grand Canyons" in space to the traffic galaxies of Los Angeles, there is no place that BLDGBLOG won't explore, or at least survey with some lush, interesting pictures. It plunges into such topics as India's super-highways, tourist photos of Las Vegas, and the Great Man-Made River of Libya. Reading through it, you may find yourself in an occasional state of disbelief: Russia has plans for mining on the moon? In 1960 a man named Joe Kittinger floated 30 kilometers above the Earth -- and then jumped? Which brings us to our final point about the writers of this site. They clearly have a finely tuned sense of wonder about the world. And for that we're willing to settle in and call BLDGBLOG home. (in Social Science)

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