Sunday, February 05, 2006

Ben Franklin's 300!

From Yahoo! Picks:

The Benjamin Franklin Tercentenary
This year marks the 300th anniversary, or tercentenary, of Benjamin Franklin's birth. In honor of the founding father, printer, inventor, and irrepressible raconteur, the U.S. Congress established a commission to educate we publick about Franklin's well-lived life. This beautifully crafted online exhibit is one result. Follow Franklin from his disobedient Boston beginnings, to his role in shaping the U.S. Constitution and his tenure as an elder statesman. Along the way, dip into sections that detail what Franklin thought of self-improvement, how he created a colonial media empire, and the ultimate stance he took on slavery. Finally, don't miss the "Et Cetera" page, which includes such tidbits as what the great man predicted for the future and how he nearly became a swimming coach. (in U.S. History)

2 comments: said...

Great links but you forgot mine. I am currently trying to get involved in philly with my portrait of B. Franklin. I created a new portrait in oils for the NEW Town Seal of Franklin MA. You can see the portrait at:
I welcome any comments.
scott holloway

Barbara said...

Suzanne - Benjamin Franklin is my favorite historical person. I love the self-improvement aspect of his life. I went to a museum exhibit dedicated to him once - it was awesome!