Saturday, February 05, 2005

what's happening in Cuba

This essay postulates on what might happen after Castro's done. I found it interesting. It seems to me that they have their organizational "engine" running so smoothly (albeit with political ideals that are very much in contrast to the US) that any sort of reform could only be brough about using violence.

Makes me wonder - what do they do to the world? Should they be left alone? I don't really know what they've been up to when it comes to world politics, but if they're generally leaving everyone else alone, and the population of Cuba in general is happy (don't know if they're happy), wouldn't other power countries (like the US, of which I'm a member), just do well to leave them alone?

Followup 2/7: I was pointed to this video, which I will probably get from the library and look at. Without looking at it, and just looking at the reviews, it looks like I'd want to see this plus something else to get a complete opinion on it.


Anonymous said...

I recommend the following movie about Cuba:
"Fidel: The Untold Story(2001)" (available thru blockbuster online, or maybe a local I've been using the Blockbuster online service. I recommend it.
Mark at

Jeff said...

thanks for the comment, nice blog you have..