Friday, February 11, 2005


Here's some info I just got from email distribution of the JUST SAY NO to Fascism site, run by my brother. There's this group, PNAC, who believes in bettering the world by spreading "the American way". Lots of info is on it at Wikipedia, another one of my favorite sites.

Several months ago I looked up the term jingoism. I believe it applies to PNAC. Now, I think the question is, is it a good thing or a bad thing? One big part of jingoism is belligerence. I am not a fan of belligerence.

My suspicion is that there are folks (members of PNAC, for instance) who believe that it is a necessary evil to force "the Amercan way" on people, for the good of the whole world. I'm not sure I completely buy in to that presumption.

Thinking about it further has me recalling that PNAC is one of gobs of groups who want to better the world. There are missionaries. There is the UN. Etcetera.

An extremely intriguing morsel of info from the NO to fascism site:
PNAC is chaired by the editor of a newspaper owned bythe CEO of FOX News, Rupert Murdoch. According toPNAC, America must dominate the world, and in orderfor events to begin that will enable this, a "...catastrophic and catalysing event - like a new PearlHarbor..." (from page 51 of the PNAC report entitled REBUILDINGAMERICA’S DEFENSES") was needed.


Anonymous said...

This blogger had the same idea and wrote a lot more about it:

Suzanne said...

I haven't looked at it yet, but will. I have concerns, though. I read through the PNAC reference, and what I read was about how this Americanisation of the world was to be evolutionary, barring some sort of pearl harbor incident. I would expect someone writing about an evolutionary concept to insert some sort of revolutionary note for comparison.

I did go see Fahrenheit 911, and got a feeling that there was treasonous behavior happening on the part of various folks. I wonder, though, where are the lawsuits? Who would put them on trial? I'm ignorant on this stuff. Do you know?

Anonymous said...

Regarding revolution, I recall Newt Gingrich touting himself as a "true revolutionary". In his "revolution", scores of "angry white man" dittoheads waged attack after attack against the Clinton administration. Also, Michael Parenti describes fascism as a "False revolution". Parenti's idea basically is that a discontented populace can be misled by the corporatocracy into following false revolutionaries like Hitler, Mussolini, Bush.., and what such populations get for their efforts is fasicst dictatorship (keeping the rabble in line for the benefit of the owners of the corporations, the oligarchy), not liberation of the people.

PNAC is run by the top "neo-cons" (the oligarchy).

Regarding "Americanization", I'm currently reading "Confessions of an economic hit man" by John Perkins. Extremely well-written, eye-opening, fascinating, highly recommended. Answers a lot of questions. After reading a couple chapters of it, the old "why do they hate us" question is answered forever. Highly, highly recommended. My friend loved it and she's extremely picky.

There has been, and is, an all-out attack going on as we speak, against the judicial branch, against our 6th amendment rights to fair and speedy trial. The "mainstream" media is awash with diatribes about "activist judges", "frivolous lawsuits", and "tort reform". All of it is intended to remove the rights of the people to have their grievances addressed fairly in court. It is an attack on principles as old as the Magna Carta. Yesterday they convicted a civil rights lawyer, Lynn Stewart, as a message to lawyers that they better think twice before defending people. This should send a shiver through the body of every American. I didn't see anything on CNN headlines about it that day, but Amy Goodman (Democracy Now) was on top of it. Amy is great.

Regarding lawsuits and justifiable impeachment, first, impeachment won't happen because all these corporatists control congress now. In my opinion at the moment, (subject to change), this means that the way to fix things in government, then, would lie in the judicial branch, since the other two are "so far gone". This is why they are currently attacking the judicial branch.

Really, I think the only real hope lies in getting the word out on the street. The "mainstream" press has caved and is now little more than a loudspeaker for the power-structure. This includes, in large degree, the New York Times and CNN. I read the Guardian a lot, and The Nation. Al Jazeera is a good one to check too, according to Seymour Hersch, whom I saw at a packed hall in Sarasota last Wednesday. He broke the My Lai story during viet Nam, and he broke the Abu Graib story. Fascinating guy. He has my business card. When he signed my copy of his book he asked me who I worked for (I guess he noticed my "Air America" hat) and I said, "Uh, just me.. I have a day job but it's not my main thing." I gave him a business card and he said "Hey, I like THAT one".. (in the middle of the card it says )

We have to call radio stations and write the newspapers steadily, like the Free Republic and SOME churches tell the dittoheads to do every Sunday.

One hopeful note: Dean is the new DNC chair! I think this is very, very good.