Monday, February 07, 2005

my issue with folks who condemn others

I have an issue with people who talk about how terrible various other groups of people are. There are "fundamentalist" groups who quote the Bible out of context in order to say that some other group is awful.

For instance, there are people who like to say how terrible homosexual folks are (for the curious, I am not homosexual). Well, Paul does talk about how mistaken he believes they are (Romans 1), and that they will suffer in their hearts, and God will judge them. BUT YOU CAN'T STOP THERE. His description is followed by words like, "well you think they're so terrible, but you are the same as them." (this is in Romans 2) Everyone has their own issues to deal with; don't worry about someone else's issues - take care of your own.

I've been concerned that, historically, Paul's words have been taken as the instructions for managing Christianity, so I'm starting to study this thing I'm not comfortable with. But that's an entry for another time.

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