Sunday, January 29, 2006

from Yahoo! Picks:

In 1984, a businessman and a mayoral aide decided that they'd had enough with "how difficult and time-consuming" it was to understand the hot-button issues of our time. So they formed a nonprofit corporation and set about compiling clear breakdowns of the arguments for and against a host of thorny subjects. As you can imagine, this calls out for the Web. And sure enough, in 2003 came into being. Since that time, it has provided overviews, historical summaries, little-known facts, and pro/con charts for such fun dinner table conversations as:

You're guaranteed to disagree with 50% of what you read here, but you'll come away better informed and -- if the site's founders are proved out -- a better citizen, to boot. (in Issues and Causes)

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Barbara said...

This website is so cool. i hope I remember that it exists next time I'm undecided or need more info on an issue.