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Smart Money: Raising Financially Responsible Children
There's no doubt that learning money management skills early can have a positive impact on your child's future success in life. Unfortunately, it's not something you can count on your child learning in school. Parents can teach valuable life and money skills by taking some simple steps, according to Eileen and Jon Gallo, authors of the new book, The Financially Intelligent Parent: 8 Steps to Raising Successful, Generous, Responsible Children.

These steps include:
1. Encourage a work ethic. Parents can encourage their children to feel that they are responsible for what they do or don't do, an ability critical to long-term financial responsibility.
2. Teach financial literacy. Everything from allowances, savings and checking accounts, and credit cards should be utilized to educate children about the basics of money management.
3. Be aware of the values you model. Do you as a parent stick to a budget? Do you regularly over-spend? The vast majority of our communication is nonverbal and parents need to be aware of the money messages they are sending to their children.

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Bright Ideas from our Readers: Get Fit in 2006
Thanks to the many readers who responded to our question about ways to get your family off the couch and active in the new year. Here’s a sampling of what our readers had to say:
  • Keep it fun.A Connecticut mom suggests taking advantage of “must-do” winter snow removal to stay fit and have fun. Shovel the snow “as a family,” she says, “and when you’re done, start a snow ball fight. Sometimes we get the neighbors involved and have kids against parents. Just remember to tell the dads that they have to be careful not to throw too hard or mommy will give them a time out!”
  • From dumbbells to dusters.A mom in Arkansas writes, “I have found it interesting that my kids love playing with my dumbbells. So I bought them a pair of their own. Also kids love to help mom out with the household chores. I've found it very rewarding to buy kids their own cleaning supplies, such as feather dusters and mops."
  • Boogie on down.Music can be a great catalyst to keep them moving. One reader (alias “Dancing Mom”) writes,” We often check out CDs from the library and let loose to music from Broadway shows and other cultures. We really make a time of it. Once in a while, a couple of my kids’ friends will come over and we move furniture and boogie. We try not to use the same music and the only rule is when the music is on you have to keep moving no matter how fast or slow it is.”
Healthy Play Grants
Nickelodeon, the children’s television network, is distributing more than $1 million in grants to improve school and community fitness resources. The “Let’s Just Play” Giveaway invites kids, age 6-15 to take action. They fill out an official entry form, available on, and give their top three reasons why play is important to them, and why their school or club needs more play. Each month, through June 2006, 20 recipients will be chosen to receive $5,000 grants to support their school or club.

Nickelodeon Let’s Just Play Giveaway Grants

Make Fitness a Family Affair
Keeping it simple and fun is the key to making fitness part of the family routine. Try playing some old-fashioned games like Capture the Flag, Sardines (an updated version of Hide and Seek) or going on a treasure hunt in your neighborhood.Why not start a Family Fitness Night at your house?
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