Monday, December 26, 2005

boogie better

My son took ballroom dance lessons this fall, with all of his classmates plus the next grade up and lots of students from other schools. They all got dressed up in suits (boys) and nice dresses and white gloves (girls). They learned etiquette of asking someone to dance, leading and following, how to sit, etc. He liked the dancing part, but hated the "dance with girls" part (he's still of the opinion, "girls - yuck!"). He and his friends found a loophole for touching the girls' backs where they would hover their hand somewhere behind their partners' backs. At one point my husband and I were even teasing him a little about how it may be hard to have them stay connected now, during 5th grade, but we'll have to pry them apart in 2-3 years. He didn't think it was very funny (gosh, I wonder why!).

Here's an article I just ran across, from SciTech daily, that I'm certain will not be too convincing to my son today, but may be when we're getting the crowbars out:

John Travolta knew what he was doing -- if you boogie better, you're more likely to be a babe magnet [the story]


Barbara said...


That's an interesting article from SciTech Daily. It's a miracle I'm married according to the results of their study.


Suzanne said...

take a look in the D&C tomorrow - I hear Brian F will have been interviewed?

Anita said...


There's been a lot of research done on facial symmetry. Apparently, the more symmetric your face is the more likely people will find you to be attractive.

So this makes some sense.

Of course I selected a very asymmetric person whose dancing leaves something to be desired, but hey, we aren't exactly defending ourselves in the wilderness anymore, are we?