Thursday, January 11, 2007

it's ok to miss the bed on the first jump

I'm taking a stab at watching Good Morning America online, so as not to interrupt the beauty sleep of my sister, who's visiting me in my hotel of residence, but didn't get in until 12:30 last night (and of course we had to visit before going to bed!).

So, anyway, I just watched a GMA clip on this book, "It's OK to Miss the Bed on the First Jump". The author is one of today's recognized funny TV guys, and the book seems like it's real sweet. Hint: it's about dogs.

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Anonymous said...

Suzanne – Sounds like you are making the best of hotel life. I am going to have to give GMA on the web a try. My son told me that your son said he will probably move to Florida. I have not discussed it with him because I did not know if the kids at school knew. My son knows now.