Sunday, December 31, 2006

Drop Dead Gorgeous

another weird/funny site found by Yahoo!Picks. I think my favorite is the cotton candy tornado:

Drop Dead Gorgeous

screenshotYou think you've overindulged. At least you haven't succumbed to Slim-Fast, overdosed on M&M's, or been savaged by a flock of banana peels (at least we hope not). We all have food issues around the holidays, but the subjects of Daniela Edburg's lavishly posed, color-saturated photographs have more troubles than most. Hosted by The Morning News, this slide show and accompanying interview revels in the glamorous hedonism—and tragic consequences—of what happens when women's relationship to food is amped up one thousand percent. Pursued by cotton candy, smothered in Saran Wrap, betrayed by Live Savers, each vignette is beautiful and sly. Wander through the Mexican photographer's work now. Eye the Nutella and Gummi Bears later. (in Photographers)

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Very interesting link Suzanne.