Friday, November 04, 2005

soccer mom (& dad!) politics

It is very sad that parents of super kid-athletes get angry at each other over volunteer positions. I don't know what happened between some parents in our kids' team, but all of a sudden we got a note from the coach telling us to chill out. I am clueless as to what might've happened, but my curiosity is eating me up (kinda like wondering why everyone is slowing down so much when passing a car accident). My husband and I are like, "wtf, mate?" [WARNING: R-rated language]


ME Strauss said...

It seems these days we all take life a little too seriously. Sometimes I think our kids are more grown-up than we are. That's why I like to give myself plenty of room to breathe.

Thank you for getting my attention.

Barbara said...

I hope it doesn't affect team performance.

Suzanne said...

My son did see this post, so I asked him if it seemed like the kids were all having good teamwork. He said they were having a good time. Hopefully the parents can get over it.