Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The Brothers Karamazov

Well, I finished it (old blog entry 1, old blog entry 2). I really enjoyed it, but it had a lame ending. It ended up having the following features:
  • several opposing dissertations on the meaning of life; quite interesting
  • a murder mystery; intriguing but frustrating - I'm still not sure whodunnit
  • information from a Russian Orthodox perspective, and those "evil" Catholics

Altogether it was a fine read. There are various things that I want to look into as a result of reading this (and other things I've read):

  • the impact of world leaders on the spread of large factions of Christianity (i.e., Constantine, Henry VIII)
  • more Russian literature; I've read some Tolstoy, but would like to read more authors
  • more indepth thought regarding The Brothers Karamazov (classic literature) and The Brothers K (I suspect this book won't stay around for 150 years, as Dostoyevsky's book did, but it took it's title from the other). Now that I've read both, the way The Brothers K is influenced by The Brothers Karamazov is very interesting to me.

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