Tuesday, July 12, 2005


I was interviewed by my local newspaper recently. They were working on a story about blogging in general. Although no direct details from our conversation made it into the article, I am still tickled that I was able to contribute to the thought process.

One thing we discussed was, "why do you suppose people write such candid things in their blogs?" For instance, people will write about their work and get fired for saying inflammatory or trade secret types of things.

My thoughts ranged in a couple of directions:
1. online journaling has gotten SO popular. Perhaps people don't really realize who is reading their information. I bet that, when secured blogs become more prevalent, more people will move in that direction (have secret blogs)
2. vanity. There's something satisfying about seeing your words in print.
3. devil-may-care beligerance. The attitude that one doesn't give a --it who sees their stuff.

My reason for blogging has generally been to save up those articles that I want to get around to reading. Instead of having gobs of printouts of articles that will get lost in the mountains of paper floating around my house, I have them archived here, where I'll be able to find them more readily later.

That, and the fact that I used to send so many articles to my "peeps" that I'm sure they were getting quite annoyed with me. Now they don't get so many; only if they sign up here.


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