Sunday, May 08, 2005

All Thought Out?

The intellectuals are dead! Long live the intellectuals!

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weirsdo said...

That was an interesting article. As an intellectual from an intellectual family, I'd have to say accounts of my death have been greatly exaggerated The sentence about post W W II intellectuals leaving their bohemian urban milieu for academe struck a nerve, seeing as how my father left NYC to become a professor in 1950. But at other times the author seemed to have little notion about what intellectuals are. The idea that "intellectual" is only a recent historical construct is contradicted all over the place in every conceivable field. I think intellectualism is a state of minds highly conditioned by culture and education, and if these minds are in decline, it is not because they are less relevant today, but because our culture no longer provides stimulating education or acculturation.
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